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The Rust Belt Area

The Rust Belt improvement area includes 12th Avenue between 1st Street and 7th Street and 7th Street between 12th Avenue and 15th Avenue.

Click on the pins below to view key proposed improvements.

An interactive map of the Rust Belt area

Proposed Improvements

  • Fully reconstruct 12th Avenue between 1st and 7th Street with streetscaping to beautify the area

  • Construct a new bike and pedestrian path along 7th Street and 12th Avenue to better connect the area to Downtown and The Bend

  • Upgrade railroad crossings to make it safer and more welcoming for pedestrians and bicyclists to cross

  • Install traffic-calming features along 12th Avenue to make the corridor more inviting for pedestrians and bicyclists to explore the area

  • Install wayfinding and streetscaping to create a clear connection between 15th Avenue, the Rust Belt area, The Bend, and the riverfront.

  • Increase the amount of street lighting to make the area more inviting at night

  • Enhance access to transit

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