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15th Avenue

The 15th Avenue ("Main Street") improvement area includes 15th Avenue between 6th Street and 13th Street.

Click on the pins below to view key proposed improvements.

East Moline_Map_Downtown_022024.jpg

Proposed Improvements

  • Fully reconstruct 15th Avenue between 6th Street and 13th Street and improve streetscaping to beautify the area

  • Make 15th Avenue more “friendly” for festivals and events by installing curbless streets between 7th Street and 9th Street

  • Create “pedestrian zones” that include widened sidewalks and pedestrian areas with planters, trees, and seating that provide beautiful areas for the public to enjoy

  • Upgrade pedestrian ramps and sidewalks and make them more accessible for those using mobility devices like wheelchairs

  • Create multipurpose spaces between streets and shops for outdoor seating, tables, and vendors

  • Install green infrastructure to help minimize standing water on our roads and sidewalks

  • Increase shaded areas for pedestrians

  • Improve street lighting to make the downtown area more inviting at night

  • Install new wayfinding signs and other signage to help people find their destinations

  • Rebrand 15th Avenue as "Main Street"

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