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The Bend

The Bend includes the area north of 12th Avenue between 1st Street and 7th Street. This area involves two projects – streetscaping of the existing roadways and the extension of Bend Boulevard.

Click on the pins below to view keproposed improvements.

Map of the Bend district in East Moline

Proposed Improvements

  • Improve multimodal connections with access to public transit, a new Channel Cat dock, bike and pedestrian routes, and connections to the Great River Trail along the Mississippi River

  • Construct new sidewalks and paths to better connect pedestrians and bicyclists from 12th Avenue to the river, the Rust Belt, and amenities at The Bend

  • Add streetscaping and install new wayfinding signs to create better continuity with the Greater Downtown area

Bend Boulevard Extension - Proposed Improvements

  • Extend Bend Boulevard from Mississippi Parkway to 7th Street, facilitating future developments within the area

  • Construct new sidewalks and paths with streetscaping and street lighting to create a welcoming place for visitors to explore

  • Continue streetscaping improvements to allow safe access for pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles

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