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A piece of old machinery in The Rust Belt area

We are making the City of East Moline Greater Downtown Master Plan a reality. Completed in 2020, the Master Plan was developed to guide efforts to improve connections between 15th Avenue and the exciting new entertainment and attractions at The Bend and The Rust Belt area. The City of East Moline is moving forward with these plans and is working with a design team to connect our Greater Downtown through pedestrian-friendly amenities, improved railroad crossings, new landscaping, more outdoor event space, and artistic touches that enhance and connect the community. East Moline has a bright future ahead!

The Greater Downtown East Moline Revitalization Project – which includes design and construction – was launched in June 2023 and is funded, in part, through a federal RAISE grant. The project builds on continuing investments in East Moline’s riverfront, including redevelopment between 12th Avenue and the Mississippi River. A new event center, hotel, and music venue along with many new shops and restaurants are currently drawing residents and visitors to East Moline and improving quality of life for residents. However, in its current configuration, 12th Avenue serves as a barrier to connectivity that prevents this exciting activity from carrying over into the city’s downtown core on 15th Avenue. Similarly, better connections will enable residents of downtown areas and those visiting downtown festivals, shops, and restaurants to safely access The Rust Belt area, The Bend, and the Mississippi riverfront.

Together, let’s reenergize our Greater Downtown area while celebrating East Moline’s history and industrial roots. This project aims to improve connectivity, equity, and accessibility throughout the Greater Downtown area for residents and visitors alike. Using input from local stakeholders and the public, the project team will refine proposed improvements and develop final designs with an anticipated start of construction in 2025.

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